Friday, May 15, 2009

State of the "Clicks" address ...

This is a copy of the message from Skacel, reprinted with permission.

State of the "Clicks" address ...
> Let me begin by thanking all of you that have been patiently awaiting> your Click > order. Addi, the German company that manufactures the
> Clicks, has been working around the clock to increase the production
> of the Clicks to meet demand, while at the same time, maintaining
> their high quality, or in some ways, even improving on it.
> Despite production continuing at a consistent pace, at this time,
> addi is unable to fulfill Click orders due to a packaging
> complication. The estimate for the new packaging to be ready is 6
> weeks. This means that we will not be sending any Clicks out until
> late June.
> On a good note, addi is continuing with their production of the
> Clicks, so that when the packaging is ready at the end of June, there
> should be a large quantity that we will be able to ship. I cannot
> promise that we will be able to fill all backorders at that time, as
> orders are continuously coming in. However, I assure you that both
> Mr. Selter, CEO of addi, and I, are putting all our efforts into
> getting the Clicks delivered to you as quickly as possible, with the
> high standard of quality you have come to expect of us.
> Thank you for your continued support.
> Karin Skacel

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